Who We Are

Co-Founders Kris and Ashley have been friends for longer than either cares to admit, because quite frankly, it makes us feel old. Alumni of the George Washington University and PA Youth and Government (if we're really going back here) they are dedicated servant-leaders passionate about leaving this world a better place than they found it.

Much, much, much more recently, Kris and Ashley have launched small businesses, worked in the nonprofit industry for nearly a decade, and added some rather impressive lines to their resumes.

Meet the Team

The humans behind Round2Fight


Kris Hart


Passionate small business owner. Community leader. Family man. Dog lover. Proud DC resident. Philly native. Hiker. Political and current news follower. Supporter of all people, especially those that need a hand up.


Ashley Stephens


Dedicated nonprofit professional. Wife. Mom. Dog lover. Fitness competitor. Sarcasm enthusiast. Yogi. Policy wonk. Pittsburgher. Writer. Mildly opinionated. Committed to building a more just and equitable world.

Support Us

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